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Cadiz, Spain

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Our second stop was the small town of Cadiz. It was the departure port for two of Columbus's voyages, the base of operations for the Spanish treasure fleet and held off the French during Napoleon's Peninsular War to name a few of the city's achievements. After the day in Lisbon, we slept til 9am. With the city only a little over 1km by 1.5km, I knew we had plenty of time. The most iconic building is the cathedral, with its golden dorm.


There were also nice beaches, including one that is topless, as well as the forts that protected the city and its inhabitants. The city was composed of small narrow streets that meandered thru the town.


A nice change from Lisbon was the inclusion of city parks. These allowed us to cool of and avoid the sun.


We met up with some people we met on the ship at the main square to have some sweets. I had a nice roll with strawberry jelly and pine nuts that was nicely balanced in flavor. Unfortunately, we decided to leave the group to wander the streets as they stumbled across some free tapas.


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Lisbon, Portugal

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After nine days on the boat, we were ready for some action. With our impeding arrival into the port of Lisbon, we awoke at 5:50am in order to see the city as the morning hit. As we got closer the sounds of a disco could be heard over the wind and continued til after we got off the ship. Apparently the Portuguese party all night.


As the sun came out, one could start to see the sights of Lisbon. Here is the Belem (Bethlehem) Tower and the Christ statue overlooking the city. The former was built as a watchtower and prison throughout the years.


We got off the boat first thing and hiked 2 miles across rough cobblestone streets in search for a currency exchange. Unfortunately, we had arrived to early and nothing was open yet, so we had to wait about an hour. The euro is still strong versus the dollar but at least my wallet wasn't bulging anymore. After this, our second goal was the the Castle of St. George which, as it sat upon the hill, offered spectacular views of the city. Also we wanted to do it before the heat of the day.


From here you could also see the elevator that was built by the protégé of the architect that built the Eiffel tower.


From here it was a five mile jaunt, past the ship, to the Belem neighborhood to see Monastery of St. Jeronimo and its attached bakery. Along the uneven streets are half empty bottles and glasses perched everywhere. The sound of euro beats cut through the air, continuing from the night before. It might have been trashday, but there was trash on every corner and the air thick with methane. The oddest sight was a cake sitting on the sidewalk, with a single piece cut out and left aside it. Six empty beer bottles were carefully lined to the side in a row. No one was around and I was saving my appetite for an egg custard that is served all throughout Lisbon, but one place is known for it in particular.


The pastries were freshly made and we given cinnamon and powder sugar to put a top it. I decided to try it without any at first. The custard was soft and creamy, with less of an egg taste than Chinese style ones. The crust was more of a baked filo than a pastry. On the way back to the ship we found this monument dedicated to the Golden Age of Portugal.


Overall it was a successful day but there was still much to see. However the ship was leaving and we had to board at 4pm. Luckily the frozen yogurt machine was still in operation and we were able to cool off with a few chocolate fro-yos.

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Fourteen days is a long time to spend on a boat, even one as large as the Liberty of the Seas. It is 14 stories tall and has 3 dining rooms, a promenade lined with shops, a casino, numerous bars, pools and a sports court including a Flow rider. This creates a constant wave on which to surf or boogie board on. This was incredibly useful in burning all of the calories from all of the eating we did onboard. Food is available 24/7 and there is a lot to try. The best dishes were the balsamic glazed onions, roasted red pepper pesto sauce, beef satays and grilled shrimp with chili sauce. Between the both of us we actually took the entire tray of satays from the buffet line and covered them in peanut and chile sauces. The shrimp were on a Singapore style salad and were done perfectly. We ordered another 20 right then. The good thing is all of this is already payed for as part of the cruise. However, all good things must come to a end.


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Dry land

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After nearly two weeks at sea, we have finally reached our destination of Barcelona. This was not our only stop on the cruise as we also stopped in Lisbon, Cadiz and Palma De Majorca. To keep things cheap we have walked an average of 8 miles per day. More will be posted later when I get the time.


If the picture posted, this is what we saw for 8 days from the ship as we crossed the Atlantic on some rough seas.

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Florida and the Liberty of the Seas

It has been a long day. Starting yesterday at 10:15pm we have been moving all day. The first flight didn't have any air conditioning, and I awoke at 4am with sweat dripping off my forehead. When we arrived at Ft. Lauderdale, we had a discussion about the best course of action to head to a pharmacy to pick up a few items like razors we couldn't get through security. That ended up in a 3.6 mile hike, in 88 °F weather with the sun beating down. Even managing skipping a few lines, it still took a few hours to board the ship.

About 3 o'clock I turned to my travel companion Ben, and pointed out this was only halfway through the first day of a estimated 150 day journey. For the next nine days we will be crossing the Atlantic, and will be back in communication then. Hopefully everyone back in Oregon is having as fantastic weather as we are having. Now I am off to have another ice cream before I climb another ten stories. IMG_20140501_162408_455.jpg

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