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Busan, South Korea

From the capitol, we make our way south to the port city of Busan. From here we will take the ferry to our next destination. The only entertainment for the five hour ride is watch the scenery.


We arrive later than expected and the first night is spent in a rush to get to the hostel before they close. Another case that having a phone that worked would be quite useful. After settling in we venture out to find some food. The area we are in is surrounded by two universities and there are several bars around. One of the bad things about Korea is that public drunkenness is accepted unless things turn violent but passing out in the street or vomiting is common in the streets. It is annoying at best and can be quite a trail at the worse as we would discover.

We found a BBQ restaurant and tried to order several different dishes only to be told that you have to have three people to order it. We eventually used the translation app to tell them to pick out a dish, as every one we chose was wrong. The owner fussed over us, cooking the meat for us. At least until Ben chased her off only to burn the meat. A little char is what he said but once the owner saw it she brought some scissors to cut off the burnt parts. We eventually convinced her not to bother since Ben wanted it that way.


In the morning we head to a unique temple. Unlike the majority of Korean temples that are built in the mountains, this one is directly on the shore. After that we headed to the nearby beach. Normally it is quite crowded but the raining weather kept the crowds away. There were some girls in bikinis but they were a part of an advertising group handing out free samples of instant spicy rice. We were unable to secure any for trail.


As we were at the beach, we went to several of the fish markets. I was searching for spicy grilled eel but was unable to find any that looked fresh. We found a food alley and quickly found several carts to try. The first dish is thin dumplings with a rice filling, sauteed and topped with spicy octopus and cabbage. The guy even topped us off with a few extra. I did find a Busan specialty, a donut filled with sesame seeds and sugar. This was so tasty, I couldn't wait to take the photo. Waffles are everywhere in South Korea and here was no exception. Topped with apricot jam and fresh whipped cream they are delicious and fluffy.


As we depart on the ferry for Japan, we are treated to the Diamond Bridge. Thousands of LED'S make the bridge sparkle like its namesake.


Our room on the ferry was shared with six others. Most were fine but three decided to stay up and get drunk. Once they came stumbling in they were loud and obnoxious. While two had been in earlier to set up their beds, the third waited til now to grab his pillow and futon. Ben had his bed where the drunk Korean wanted to be but Ben wouldn't move. This would be a fateful decision, as he laid down next to me and fell asleep. Some time during the night he rolled over and started to spoon me, with his arm over me. Despite a quick elbow to his chest, as I was asleep and expecting a late night tryst, he rolled back over and and continued to sleep. A couple of other times during the night I had to push him back on his mat and I cursed Ben every time. My only solace was that apparently he had it even worse.


Here is an example of one of the nicer rooms.


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